Fabulous wedding at Weethley Church followed by a reception at Ettington Park, Warwickshire



What an amazing day for a wedding last Saturday!

I had met the family of the bride 3 years ago when I was photographing her sisters beautiful wedding at Walton Hall, so it was wonderful to see friends and family again.

When Eli & I arrived at the gates of the family home I was struck by how stunning the grounds were and how beautifully the flowers and ornaments had been arranged in various aspects of the garden to lead your eye around the path to the main house.

Arriving at the front door we were greeted by the parents and various family members in a warm glow of excitment and anticipation of the wonderful event to unfold during the day.

I am always emotional at weddings, this was no exception, the bride looked stunning and completely took my breath away.  The dress hidden behind its protective cover when revealed was just a perfect mix of stylish elegance and romance.

We unpacked our camera bags and set to work in, what has become our way, a quiet calm and excited passion for the job in front of us.....